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I have missed my Bead Loom projects but we have just moved 2 states away from where we have been living and we are deep into remodeling a very old 1920's home.  As soon as my craft room is repainted and set up I will be back to beading as fast as I can!  I can't believe how much I have missed feeling those little beads between my fingers and watching the patterns take form.  It is my passion and I MUST get back to it soon!!!



We stopped at the High School Rummage sale today and we found this amazing Luxo Magnifier Lamp...
Just what I have been needing as my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.  And I was worried that I have just found my life's passion and I am having a difficult time seeing what I need to see.
The viewer area measures about nine inches across and has a wonderful circle fluorescent light bulb that lights up the item I am working on.
But the best part of all is that we paid only $4.00 !!!!  What a very lucky find.

My wonderful husband has the ability to make the table holder that will hold the magnifier securely to my work table.

So I am excited that I can now not worry about the size of the beading project or the difficulty of the pattern...I will be able to see the project so clearly.  Oh, I am soooo happy!!





This beading pattern is a bit more difficult but I do enjoy the finished look.
I will try to do this pattern again with a different combination of colors.
This is not a pattern to be worked while in a group of really needs your full attention because of the constant color change.  But it is truly worth the effort.



This was a very different beading project for me. I decided that I wanted to see what a quill cover would look like in a solid color pattern.
It turned out okay but I think I will do more to the multi-color patterns in the future.  It seems to give it more 'glam' than the solid color.
But you never know until you don't be afraid to try something different.



Project # 9 is complete.

This was an interesting pattern. I enjoyed it so much that I have beaded it in several different colors

 And the red feather is something new for me too. I rather like it.  I was happy to find some additional small red feathers as even a small white feather to add some charm to this feather project.


This was a fun and easy pattern to bead and I like it against the dark Turkey feathers plus the black feathers to add a bit of interest.



I enjoyed working on this feather project and I am real happy the way it turned out.

Of course both ends of this woven bead project were both interwoven with the white thread to hold all the beads together securely.
I have located a nice site on line to order more feathers from so I am going to try to expand my style of feather designs.  So stay tuned!!



I plan to gift these feathers to a friend for her birthday but I did not have anything to wrap them in. And I do not want to drive into town to purchase a gift box.
I found a shipping box that a book had arrived in ...hmmm, how to wrap it.

I couldn't find a pretty way to wrap it so I came up with the idea of painting the box instead of wrapping it with paper.
I gave it two coats of paint then sat back and waited for it to dry.
I found a few different sizes of pine cones from my cone storage and painted them with a lacquer to help them be stronger as a decoration.
I dug into my feather storage and came up with a few pretty white plum feathers.
I used my glue gun to attach them to the top of the box lid.
I again used the glue gun to attach the pine cones in an attractive design on the lid top.
I found two pretty reddish brown feathers from my feather collection to add a bit of color to the piece.
After many different placing's I decided on the brown feathers rising up out of the arrangement.
I added a few layers of tissue paper inside the box and the feather gift nestles perfectly inside.
She is also a spiritual person so I think she will really appreciate this gift.



This was a fun and interesting project. The thoughts and feeling that occurred during the beading and the joining of these feathers was very special. I know in my heart that beading is without a doubt my true found passion.



I had found a batch of glass beads and decided to try them on my loom. The picture is disappointing as this piece really did turn out my better than it shows. I think this type of beading will appeal to the young set when is is applied to the feathers.
I will try to get a better picture of this project.


I am still away from my craft desk painting rooms and packing. We are selling our home and moving to another state so my days are full of chores to complete before the moving van arrives.
I miss my beading more than I thought I would. But by the end of the day I am just to tired to sit down and do my beading. The moment I can get away from my chore list I will sit down to my desk and be where I really want to be. Until then..............



This was a fun pattern on my loom.
I am amazed about these patterns. I realize that this pattern will look completely different with a simple change of colors.
What color should I try next time? What a fun thing to do!



A pattern project...
I ventured on the Internet and found some patterns for beading on the loom.
This was my first experience with a actual pattern on the loom and I found it very easy and enjoyable.
I know the pattern ideas will be endless and I am excited to see where this leads me with my love of beading on a loom.


I am very fortunate that I live within walking distance to a wonderful Craft store. Well, my dear husband probably would not agree with that!

I purchased 2 colors of beads to try my first attempt at beading on a loom. I have a very large collection of bird feathers and I want to weave beads to attach to the quill of the feather for a pretty look.

I found a drawing of a loom in a old beading book and my husband made me my first loom.
This is the very first attempt at weaving beads on a loom. I really like doing this type of work. I find it relaxing and soothing and I drift into a zone where I seem to be in a world all my own. I know I have found my passion and it feels wonderful.
This is my first project attached to a pretend Eagle feather. I like the look. So let's see what will be next!!
I am very proud of myself considering I have taught myself to do this project. Oh, the possibilities are endless!



I have started this blog as my way to journal my beading projects that are done on my looms. So far all of my looms have been made by my husband..a Machinist... and they are working very well for me.
Join me in my journey into bead looming!