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I am very fortunate that I live within walking distance to a wonderful Craft store. Well, my dear husband probably would not agree with that!

I purchased 2 colors of beads to try my first attempt at beading on a loom. I have a very large collection of bird feathers and I want to weave beads to attach to the quill of the feather for a pretty look.

I found a drawing of a loom in a old beading book and my husband made me my first loom.
This is the very first attempt at weaving beads on a loom. I really like doing this type of work. I find it relaxing and soothing and I drift into a zone where I seem to be in a world all my own. I know I have found my passion and it feels wonderful.
This is my first project attached to a pretend Eagle feather. I like the look. So let's see what will be next!!
I am very proud of myself considering I have taught myself to do this project. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

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