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My latest news

It is sad for me to report that all the completed beaded feathers project you see on this blog were all stolen during a yard sale I held.  I really didn't cry because of the loss of money, I was sad because they were taken with no respect to them or to me.

I have often thought I may see one hanging from someone's rear view mirror or on some child's bicycle handle bars.  But I decided it is better not to dwell on them and just hope this person uses them with respect. Yes, I am still sad.


I can't believe it!!!!  I have set aside a few hours every evening and during that time I will do some beading on  a loom project.

I started a project yesterday but tore it all out this evening.  I just wasn't happy with it.   But I have started the beading pattern again and will try to get a photo up as soon as the beading is far enough alone to make sense.

I can't even explain how good it feels to hold that thread in my fingers and place beads on the loom and watch a beautiful pattern appear.

It is sooo good to be back working on my Indian Beading Loom.


I have just completed transferring pattern # 17 so that project is complete.  Now I must venture on to another project and unfortunately that does not include and LOOM BEADING. That breaks my heart but I must get all the other project complete and off the list.  Then I will be able to spend my days looming the whole day long if I choose....and I just may!
So hang in there...I will be back with my beading as soon as possible.