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This was a very different beading project for me. I decided that I wanted to see what a quill cover would look like in a solid color pattern.
It turned out okay but I think I will do more to the multi-color patterns in the future.  It seems to give it more 'glam' than the solid color.
But you never know until you don't be afraid to try something different.



Project # 9 is complete.

This was an interesting pattern. I enjoyed it so much that I have beaded it in several different colors

 And the red feather is something new for me too. I rather like it.  I was happy to find some additional small red feathers as even a small white feather to add some charm to this feather project.


This was a fun and easy pattern to bead and I like it against the dark Turkey feathers plus the black feathers to add a bit of interest.