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I have pulled out one of my looms and have been trying out some of my odds and ends beads to find some fun use of those beads in a bracelet.

I apologize for this terrible photo. I just had bad luck with my camera today.

I will be visiting our very large bead store..  Shipwreck Beads in Lacey Washington some time this week to pick out a few bracelets closures.

I am learning to just have fun and it is amazing that these projects can start out as one style and then I change them mid way.  I certainly do not mind pulling my beads back off the loom so I can go in a completely different direction with my bracelets.

Be brave, if your project starts to disappoint you then by all means try something else.  Be courageous and brave...and have fun with your loom projects!!  If the bracelet doesn't please you then how about making it a beautiful bookmark?!