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I plan to gift these feathers to a friend for her birthday but I did not have anything to wrap them in. And I do not want to drive into town to purchase a gift box.
I found a shipping box that a book had arrived in ...hmmm, how to wrap it.

I couldn't find a pretty way to wrap it so I came up with the idea of painting the box instead of wrapping it with paper.
I gave it two coats of paint then sat back and waited for it to dry.
I found a few different sizes of pine cones from my cone storage and painted them with a lacquer to help them be stronger as a decoration.
I dug into my feather storage and came up with a few pretty white plum feathers.
I used my glue gun to attach them to the top of the box lid.
I again used the glue gun to attach the pine cones in an attractive design on the lid top.
I found two pretty reddish brown feathers from my feather collection to add a bit of color to the piece.
After many different placing's I decided on the brown feathers rising up out of the arrangement.
I added a few layers of tissue paper inside the box and the feather gift nestles perfectly inside.
She is also a spiritual person so I think she will really appreciate this gift.

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