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We stopped at the High School Rummage sale today and we found this amazing Luxo Magnifier Lamp...
Just what I have been needing as my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.  And I was worried that I have just found my life's passion and I am having a difficult time seeing what I need to see.
The viewer area measures about nine inches across and has a wonderful circle fluorescent light bulb that lights up the item I am working on.
But the best part of all is that we paid only $4.00 !!!!  What a very lucky find.

My wonderful husband has the ability to make the table holder that will hold the magnifier securely to my work table.

So I am excited that I can now not worry about the size of the beading project or the difficulty of the pattern...I will be able to see the project so clearly.  Oh, I am soooo happy!!





This beading pattern is a bit more difficult but I do enjoy the finished look.
I will try to do this pattern again with a different combination of colors.
This is not a pattern to be worked while in a group of really needs your full attention because of the constant color change.  But it is truly worth the effort.