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I am getting my life more organized so I see BEAD WORK in my near future again.

I have reorganized my craft room and I did a wonderful job of sorting through my book stash and I am donating many of them.

I sat down one day and made a list of what crafts thrill me the most. You see, I have so many different types of crafts stored away that it has cause me to feel very frustrated. 

When I enter my craft room I want to start crafting but there is so many projects that I have saved that I am overwhelmed and by the time I leave the craft room I have not done any projects.

So I took some time and made a list of just what types of projects really excite me.  This is the list I came up with...
1. Loom Beading.
2. Embroidery Work
2. Cross Stitch

These is the top 3 of my crafting project I wish to continue.
Among my other collections of crafts I have a large assortment of Pine cones and sea shells.

I will spent the time between now and Christmas of 2012 constructing the pine cone project and also the sea shell projects.  And of course I will spend my evenings doing my hand stitching and beading on one of my many looms.

I have a wonderful feeling of freedom and control. I no longer feel overwhelmed when I enter my craft room but see the few wonderfully fun projects I want to work on.  Each completed project will be wrapped and stored away in boxes in preparation for the Christmas sale late next fall.

I also have many, plastic and wooden beads that I will not be using on my loom work so I have been trying to decide just what I want to do with these.  I am listing some sports stuff on Ebay soon and I may post a few there to see if they would sell. Some of the beads are vintage so maybe someone would like them as much as I do.

I will post photos as I complete a project.

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